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Our Process

Here at Bison Performance we want to keep things simple. Our process is just that!

Initial talk

During the initial talk / contact we will establish what you need and the quantity. From this we give you a quote and get to work making your ideas and into visual concepts. 


Mock ups

After our initial talk we want to get your ideas into visual concepts. We do this as quickly as possible, the more complicated / demanding the design the longer this takes. This is completely free of charge and we want you to be fully satisfied with the designs.


Final design

After you confirm the final design we send you an invoice and get to work with your kit. Payment is required before the manufacturing process.


Manufacturing / delivery

The hardest part of the process! On average we have a very quick turnover time of 4 weeks from payment to delivery of goods, but this can vary. During this process we will keep you up to date.

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